Facts About Paddy Holland, Tom Holland’s Brother

Paddy Holland is an English actor. He is known for his Monty Character in the Apple TV+ sci-fi series Invasion.

But for numerous movie lovers, Paddy Holland is the beloved brother of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

Holland, who is making early works in establishing a notable acting portfolio similar to his brother, has appeared in multiple movies.

With the attention, Holland enjoys, thanks to his brothers smashing success in the make-believe works, his transition from being a child actor to a young budding star is on the right track.

Revealed in this article are the facts about Paddy Holland, his biography, childhood, early life, career, and personal life.

Paddy Holland Biography Facts

Full NamePatrick Holland
Born6 December 2004
Age17 years
Place of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight55 Kg
ParentsDominic Holland (father); Nikki Holland (mother)
SiblingsSam Holland (brother); Harry Holland (brother); Tom Holland (brother)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Zodiac SignSagittarius

Paddy Holland Childhood and Early Life 

Paddy Holland was born on 6 December 2004 in London to Dominic Holland and Nikki Holland. Paddy is the last of four children.

Holland had a normal childhood despite the fact he had a celebrity dad. But that changed in later years. 

Paddy Holland Rise to Fame

Paddy lived a normal life despite the global explosion of his older brother Tom Holland’s fame.

However, Paddy nurses the desire to be a great actor like his brother, Tom Holland. He got the opportunity to start out his acting career when he was 11 years old.

His brother, Tom, directed a short comedy film where Paddy appeared as himself. 

That announced his presence in the film world. In 2017, Paddy appeared in an episode of the American first-run syndicated news broadcasting newsmagazine program Entertainment Tonight aired on CBS.

He made his acting debut by playing a tough kid character in the 2018 mystery comedy film Holmes & Watson. 

Since making his acting debut, Paddy has appeared in numerous films and TV series, such as Roses for Lily which he appeared alongside his brother Sam.

He has also appeared in the Invasion television series. It has been revealed that Paddy will be part of the cast in the Netflix series Lockwood.

Paddy Holland Personal Life

Holland enjoys reading comics and skateboarding. He also plays soccer and won a tournament with his friends in 2017.

Paddy is confident in his abilities and hopes to achieve the same level of success as his older brother, Tom.

He made this known in a red carpet interview at the 2017 Spider-Man premiere. 

While Tom was being interviewed, Paddy stepped in and revealed that he wish to be like him.

He also revealed he has been to several auditions but has been rejected. But that has done little to shatter his hope but inspire him to work harder. 

Tom reveals that he is confident in his kid brother’s talents and hopes to appear in a Spider-Man movie with him.

He also hinted that Paddy could play a younger version of him due to their resemblance. 

Paddy’s interest in acting can be traced to his creative background.

He was raised by a comedian dad, a photographer mother and watched his brother rise to become a global sensation thanks to acting while he was early years.

That has impacted him and spurred him to express himself by acting creatively. 

Paddy Holland Parents

Dominic Holland – Father

Dominic Holland is a comedian, actor, author, and broadcaster.

He is well known for claiming the 1993 Perrier Best Newcomer award for his one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

His broadcasting series on BBC Radio 4, The Small World of Dominic Holland, a direct reference to his act, bagged him a Comic Knight Award.

Nikki Holland – Mother

Nikki Holland is a photographer who specializes in wedding, family photography, and headshots for social media, actors, and the corporate market.

She has a website where she displays her notable works. Nikki Holland also runs the Brothers Trust Charity, supporting “charities that struggle to be heard.” 

Paddy Holland Brothers

Paddy Holland has three brothers. The eldest, Tom Holland, is a globally recognized star.

Tom Holland is the youngest actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he plays Spider-Man, Peter Parker. His movies have grossed over $1 billion.

Tom holds a Guinness World record for being the youngest actor to play a lead role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

Paddy is also a sibling to twins Harry and Sam Holland. Harry Holland is an actor. He played the role of Shaker Kid in the 2021 Crime -Drama Cherry, which starred Tom Holland.

Harry also made a cameo as  Shaker Kid in Spider-Man 3, but the scene was cut during post-production.

Like his twin and brother, Sam Holland is involved in the world of make-believe. He appeared in the Roses for Lily movie with Paddy. 


Is Paddy Holland his real name?

Patrick Holland is his real name. Paddy is a moniker that he and his family embraced and have since been adopted by the world.  

What does Paddy Holland do for a living? 

Paddy Holland works as an actor. He follows a path preferred by his brothers and has starred in films, and is currently in the television sci-fi series Invasion where he plays the character of a tough kid.  

Is Paddy Holland in a movie? 

Paddy’s first acting gig was a short comedy film directed by Tom Holland, where he played himself.

However, his acting debut came in the movie Roses for Lily which he starred alongside his brother Sam Holland.

Since then, he has appeared in other television series, such as the 2021 Apple+ sci-fi Invasion tv series. 

Does Paddy Holland have Instagram?

Paddy Holland has an Instagram page where he updates fans on his life and career happenings. His verified Instagram has the username @paddyholland2004.

Did Paddy Holland Delete his Instagram? 

Holland’s Instagram page is active and running. He regularly shares pictures and videos on his Instagram page promoting the Invasion television show and giving fans a peek into his life. 

Fun Facts about Paddy Holland

  • Skateboarding is Paddy’s second love. 
  • Paddy has a charity organization with his brothers, the Brothers Trust Charity which was set up in 2017 by their parents.
  • He enjoys reading comic books. 

Final Thoughts 

Paddy Holland is on his way to becoming a successful film star. Despite his young age, he actively makes his mark in the film works and hopes to do more.

With the right guidance from his successful brother and loving parents, Paddy would turn out to be a sensation in the coming years.

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