Facts About Harry Holland, Tom Holland’s Brother

Harry Holland is an actor and director from Britain. A budding star with an astounding acting pedigree, Harry Holland strives to reach the zenith of the acting profession.

Being a brother to Tom Holland, the star who plays Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has propelled Harry to achieve his dream.

As Harry Holland strives to make a name for himself in the acting profession, his fame fries new bounds.

And that leaves many wondering who is Harry Holland? That and many more questions about the star are answered in this article.

Harry Holland Biography Facts

Tom Holland’s Brother Harry Holland
@harryholland64 / Instagram
Full NameHarry Robert Holland
Born14 February 1999
Age23 years
Place of BirthKingston upon Thames, United Kingdom 
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight64 Kg
ParentsDominic Holland (father); Nikki Holland (mother)
SiblingsSam Holland (brother); Paddy Holland (brother); Tom Holland (brother)
Eye ColorHazel Green
Hair ColorBrown
Zodiac SignAquarius

Harry Holland Childhood  & Early Life

Childhood Photo of Harry Holland with his twin brother Sam Holland
Childhood Photo of Harry with his twin brother Sam Holland. @harryholland64 / Instagram

Harry Holland was born on 14 February 1999 in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom.

Harry was one of the twin brothers birth to Dominic Holland and Nikki Holland on 24 February 1999.

Harry was born into an artistic family with impressive creativity. This creativity greatly influenced his life and shaped Harry Holland’s career choice.

Harry Holland Rise to Fame

Following the successful career path chosen by his older brother Tom Holland, Harry was inspired to pursue a career in the same field as his brother.

He particularly was interested in creatively expressing himself in front of the camera.

Aside from pursuing acting, Harry also tried expressing his creativity through dancing.

That led to him taking dance classes alongside his twin brother Sam and older brother Tom. However, he soon found out dancing did not interest him. 

Harry pursued an acting career, and by 2012, he made his acting debut in a movie entitled The Impossible.

His older brother, Tom, got a role in the movie as the son of Maria Benett and Henry.

Through the influence of Tom, and alongside the fact that Harry had spent lots of time on the sets of major Hollywood movies, he had retained significant knowledge in acting, and he was thus given a role in the movie. 

For his second Movie, Holland teamed up with Naomi Watts, who played the role of Maria Benett in The impossible, to star in the 2013 biographical movie Diana.

The movie was focused on the last two years of Princess Diana’s life.

Harry played the role of young Prince Harry and earned more screen time than he did in his acting debut. 

In Tom’s directorial debut movie, Tweet, Harry made his directorial debut and appeared as Harry in the short film.

The next screenplay Harry directed was in 2016 when he directed artist Hugo Han’s music video for his 2013 song WildRunners in the Beginners album.

Still, in 2016, Harry went on to direct another project entitled “In the middle of the Night .”He also released a video short ‘titled “Storybook Ending.”

Harry further expanded the horizon of his directorial career by directing the debut project of his twin brother, Sam (Roses for Lily), and young brother, Paddy (The Mysterious House on Hoarder Hill). 

Harry Holland Parents

Dominic Holland – Father

Dominic Holland, the father of Harry, works as a comedian, author, actor, and broadcaster.

Dominic has hosted multiple stand-up comedy shows. In 1993 Dominic Holland was awarded the Perrier Best Newcomer award for his stand-up comedy acts at the Edinburgh Fringe and went on to accompany Eddie Izzard on tour.

Dominic Holland has extended his comedy acts to television.

He has made guest appearances on the comedy panel game Never Mind the Buzzcocks and comedy variety shows The Des O’Connor Show and The Brian Conley Show. 

His performance on Radio has also won him awards such as the Comic Heritage Award for  BBC 4 broadcast show.

Nikki Holland – Mother

Nikki Holland, the mother of Harry Holland, is a talented photographer specializing in headshot pictures for the corporate world, actors, and social media.

She also engages in wedding and family photography. She flaunts her lovely shots on her Instagram page and has a website for her photography business.

Aside from photography Nikki Holland manages the Brothers Trust Charity, which provides financial support to struggling charities. 

Harry Holland Brothers

Tom Holland

Harry Holland has three brothers. His older brother Tom Holland is the renowned actor who plays the role of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Holland is a successful actor who graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology.

He has made a name for himself in the film works as two of his movies, namely the Spider-Man sequels Far From Home and No way Home, have grossed $1 billion each.

Tom Holland boasts of a Guinness Record for being the youngest actor with a main role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and appeared in the 2019 edition of Forbes’ Europe 30 Under 30 list

Sam Holland

Sam Holland is Harry’s twin brother. He is also in ill ex in acting despite not wanting to embrace the world of make-believe at first.

Sam Holland has appeared in movies with Harry, such as the 2012 disaster drama movie, The Impossible.

Sam Holland also appeared in the short film directed by Harry titled Roses for Lily.

Paddy Holland

Paddy Holland is the younger brother of Harry Holland and also the youngest of the Holland brothers.

Like his elder brothers, Paddy has pursued a career in acting, and he has been making impressive strides.

Paddy Holland has featured in multiple movies such as Holmes & Watson and, most recently, the Apple+ sci-fi television series Invasion.

It has been revealed that Paddy is set to star in a Netflix series titled Lockwood. 

Personal Life

While all the Holland brothers embrace acting, Harry distinct himself with his video directorial skills.

As much as he enjoys expressing himself behind the scene, he loves doing his bit behind the camera.

He has a pet dog he loves, which he named Tessa Holland. 

Fun Facts About Harry Holland 

  • Harry attended The Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology just like his older brother Tommy. 
  • He began creating videos when he was as young as 12 years old 
  • Harry has a YouTube channel where he posts content. His channel has 68.9 thousand subscribers as of April 2022. 
  • He has 1.62 million followers on Instagram as of April 2022
  • Harry made his first-ever Instagram post on his official Instagram account on 13 August 2013.


Why is Harry Holland Famous? 

Harry Holland is famous thanks to his acting and directing prowess.

Being related to Spider-Man also has thrust the budding star into the limelight, but his creative abilities have brought him more fame. 

Are Harry And Tom Holland Related? 

Harry is the younger brother of Tom Holland. Though both brothers are actors, Harry is known to dabble in directing movies.

When Harry isn’t acting, he sometimes works with the crew in movies that stars his brother Tom such as the 2021 crime drama movie Cherry where he worked as a cameraman. 

Are Harry and Sam Holland Twins? 

Harry Holland has a twin brother named Sam. In a similar fashion to the entire Holland brothers, Sam is involved in acting.

Sam Holland did not immediately embrace acting but has since loved expressing himself creatively in front of the camera. 

What role does Harry Holland Play in Spider-Man? 

In an Instagram post by Tom Holland, while Spider-Man: No Way Home was being shot, Tom revealed that Harry Holland would play the role of a drug dealer caught by Spider-Man.

Sadly the scene which was leaked and circulated on social media did not make it to the final cut. 

Final Thoughts

Harry is no exception in a world where the Holland brothers are eagerly making their marks in their careers.

One unique thing about hIm is his love for directing, which he has fully taken to develop.

He has worked with the camera crew in movies in which his older brother has starred, thus developing his movie directorial skill.

Harry hopes to make a name for himself in the movie industry, and he is actively pursuing that dream

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