Facts About Destin Christopher Tucker, Chris Tucker’s Son

Destin Christopher Tucker is an American actor, scriptwriter, and director who is best known as the son of American comedian and actor Chris Tucker.

Born to a celebrity, Destin Tucker has always lived under the impressionable eyes of his father’s fans and continues to do so.

However, living with the scrutiny of being a child of a beloved celebrity seems to have inspired the budding actor to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

While fans know about his father’s life, little seems to be known about Destin Tucker, who has left fans curious.

In this article, we discuss Destin Christopher Tucker Biography facts, childhood, career and personal life.

Destin Christopher Tucker Biography Facts

Full NameDestin Christopher Tucker
Born14 September 1998 
Age23 years
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Height6 feet 0 inches
Weight70 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown 
Relationship StatusSingle
EducationOaks Christian School, Morehouse College
ProfessionActor, filmmaker, producer
Zodiac SignVirgo
ParentsChris Tucker (father), Azja Pryor (mother)
SiblingsIman Joelle (step-sister)

Destin Christopher Tucker Childhood, Early Life and Education

Destin Christopher Tucker was born on 14 September 1998 to Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor.

Destin is the only child the marriage union of Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor brought forth. He grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Tucker had a stable upbringing as a child, as his parents catered for his needs.

His father’s status as a celebrity afforded Tucker to attend elite schools such as Oaks Christian School, which helped groom him to become the rising star he is.

After graduating from high school, Destin went on to attend Morehouse College, where he studied Cinema, Technology, & Emerging media studies.

Destin Christopher Tucker Rise to Fame 

As a young boy, Destin Tucker saw his father reach incredible successes and made astounding feats thanks to his ability to make people laugh and his acting prowess.

This rubbed off on Tucker, who decided to enroll in a Cinema, Technically & Emerging media studies at smokehouse college for four years.

Before going off to college Tucker had featured in a movie that Stephen Huffaker directed.

The 2019 high school-themed movie Love in Moreno Valley, which was Tucker’s acting debut, saw him in a supporting role. 

After he graduated from college, Tucker focused on cinematography in Los Angeles.

Tucker also engages in film production and currently works with Lights of Kings productions.

Destin Christopher Tucker Movies

  • Love in Moreno Valley (2019)

Destin Christopher Tucker has featured in one movie in his acting career so far.

He made his acting debut in the movie titled Love in Moreno Valley, a high school-themed movie.

Destin Christopher Tucker Parents

Chris Tucker – Father

Destin Tucker’s father is the renowned comedian Chris Tucker.

Chris Tucker, who is a comedian and actor, has always had a talent for making people laugh right since he was in high school.

He started his career in 1992 as a stand-up comedian on Def Comedy Jam, a comedy series on HBO.

Two years later, Chris Tucker moved his comedy wits to the screens when he appeared in the 1994 comedy film House Party 3.

However, the real recognition on the screen for Chris Tucker came in 1995 when he acted with Ice Cube and the hip hop group NWA in the busy stoner comedy movie Friday.

Tucker solidified his fame by playing in other successful movies, such as the action-comedy movie Rush Hour.

Chris Tucker has appeared in music videos for notable artists such as California Love by Tupac Shakur and You Rock my World by Michael Jackson.

Azja Pryor – Mother

Azja Pryor is Destin Tucker’s mother. She once worked as a casting director but currently is a nutritionist.

Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor got married in 1997, and the union birthed Destin Tucker the following year.

However, the marriage between the two hit hard times, and on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, a divorce dissolved their marriage in 2003.

Azja Pryor married a fitness and life coach, Cherie A Ndiaye, who had a daughter Iman Joelle who would become Destin Tucker’s step sister and only sibling. 

Destin Christopher Tucker Personal Life

Despite the huge fame his father boasts of and the attention it brings, Destin Tucker has managed to stay out of the spotlight, only appearing when he wants.

Destin Christopher Tucker with his Father Chris Tucker
Destin Tucker / Instagram

He enjoys sports, especially playing basketball and watching Formula 1.

Tucker prefers playing sports during his leisure periods, and when he isn’t, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his dog.

Destin Christopher Tucker with his Pitbull
Destin Tucker / Instagram

He has a close relationship with his father, with whom he spent most of his childhood, as his father gained custody of him after his parents’ divorce.

He sometimes accompanies his father to star-studded events such as the 2018 Captain Planet Foundation Benefit Gala in Atlanta and the 2019 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

In the events, he has accompanied his father; both have appeared on the red carpet.


Who is Destin Christopher Tucker’s Mom?

Destin Christopher Tucker’s mom is Azja Pryor. She worked as a casting director in the film industry but now works as a nutritionist.

Azja Pryor was married to Chris Tucker in 1997 and gave birth to Destin Tucker the following year.

However, the couple divorced on the ground of irreconcilable differences in 2003.

How old is Destin Christopher Tucker? 

Destin Christopher Tucker is 23 years old. He was born on 14 September 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fun Facts About Destin Christopher Tucker 

  • Destin Christopher Tucker is the only child of Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor.
  • He has a step-sister Iman Joelle from his mother’s marriage to fitness coach Cherie A Ndiaye.
  • He made his acting debut in the 2019 film Love in Moreno Valley.
  • He keeps a low profile despite having a famous dad. 

Wrap Up

Currently on his journey to become one of the notable personalities in the film production and acting industry, Destin Tucker has chosen a path he prefers.

He has chosen to follow a path that doesn’t see him tethered to his father’s accomplishments, rather creating a name for himself.

Destin Tucker may emerge to be even more famous than his dad with much commitment and consistency.

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